Youth Religious Education

Our youth religious education classes meet on Sundays, after Holy Communion. In addition to the curriculum covered in the classes, our parish also offers:

  • An opportunity for the youth to keep a journal of faith-based practices during the week (prayer, fasting, charity, Bible reading). This year's program includes a program to read the psalms using the following calendar:
    • To use it, copy the link and import it into your calendar app. The program has an email list for discussion. Contact Fr. Peter if you would like to be included.
  • An achievement program, where the youth study to learn about a particular aspect of the faith in more depth.
  • A text club, where Fr. Peter sends out a weekly quote from the Church Fathers.
  • A Christmas play
  • A Christmas concert
  • An OCMC fundraiser during Lent
  • Participation in the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival.
  • Summer hymnology