About Orthodoxy

Here is a brief video introduction to Orthodox Christianity from the Be the Bee series. If you enjoy that presentation, the rest of the series is available here.

Fr. Thomas Hopko, of blessed memory, wrote a series of four books introducing various aspects of the Church. Included below are links to the online version of the books on history and dogma.


Fr. Thomas's Church History, the third volume of the series

Dogma and doctrine

The Nicene-Constantinopolitan creed is the basic statement of faith of the Orthodox Church.

For a more detailed presentation of the beliefs and teaching of the Church, see the first volume of Fr. Thomas's series, Doctrine and Scripture


The greatest feast of the Orthodox Church, her "feast of feasts, is the Resurrection, commonly referred to as Pascha.

The next set of feasts is known as the "12 great feasts." These feasts are connected with events in the life of Christ and the Virgin Mary and they are:

In addition to the above feasts, each day of the year several saints are commemorated. Some important saints and their feasts are: