2014-08-10 message

Post date: Aug 13, 2014 4:31:19 PM

The sacrament of baptism is known as holy illumination. In the service we pray for transformation of the newly illumined “casting off the former creature, which is corrupted by false desires, to be clothed in the new, which is renewed in the image of his (her) Creator.” In baptism we are “buried in the likeness of [Jesus’s] death” so that we may “become partakers in [His] resurrection.”

As we are in the post-festal period of the Transfiguration, we are reminded that the illumination that we receive at baptism is only the beginning of our journey in Christ. We were illumined at our baptism, but we continue to be illumined by the light and grace God each day of our lives. Our spiritual eyes can see ever more clearly, as we bring forth fruit from the seed that was planted the day we became members of the Church.

I hope and pray that each baptism that we celebrate in our parish and that we attend for our family and friends becomes for us a reminder of what was prayed for us: that we would walk in the way of God’s commandments, persevere in our faith, be strong in the trials of life, and become rational sheep of the great Shepherd.

With love in Christ,

+Fr. Peter