2014-06-01 message

Post date: Jun 30, 2014 11:38:49 PM

As we celebrate the fathers of the first ecumenical council, I would like to look at the significance of the Nicene Creed. We proclaim the creed at every Liturgy, declaring our faith as we prepare to receive the Body and Blood of Christ.

It is always difficult to speak about God. He is uncreated where we are created and we do not have the vocabulary, or even the ability, to express Who God is in His essence. For that reason we can find a variety of descriptions of God, His qualities, His work in the world. God’s nature and our limited ability to comprehend Him make this possible. Yet, there comes a point where the things we say about God are untrue and change the relationship that we have with Him. It is at this point that boundaries need to be set for the faith. This is a necessary act and a loving act, because going outside these boundaries puts our salvation in peril. And this is where the Creed comes in. The Creed is there to teach us, guide us, and keep us within the right relationship with God. The statements of faith contained within the Creed are boundaries of the faith. We cannot go outside those boundaries without endangering our salvation.

Thus, as we say the Creed, whether during our daily prayers or a Divine Liturgy, let us pay attention to the words that the fathers have placed before us for our benefit.

With love in Christ,

+Fr. Peter