2014-04-13 message

Post date: Apr 13, 2014 8:26:18 PM

Palm Sunday has its own set of katavasiae, which again illumine our understanding of the Old Testament.

Ode iii. The people of Israel did suckle the rock, which though firm and flinty was flowing with water at Your command. And the rock are You O Christ; You also are the life, in Whom the Church was firmly established, crying out to You: Hosanna, blessed are You, the One who is coming. We see here again the Church’s understanding that Christ is the One in Whom everything is united. He appeared in the Old Testament, was incarnate in the New, and will come again “to judge the living and the dead.” He is our source of nourishment, He is our strength, He is our foundation.

Ode viii. Rejoice, O Jerusalem, be glad. And all you lovers of Zion, keep feast in her and rejoice. For He has come who rules as King unto eternity; He is Lord of the powers. And let all the earth stand in awe at His presence and shout with a loud voice, "O all you works of the Lord, praise and bless the Lord." As we approach Christ we cannot forget that He is the eternal king and Lord of the power. The humility of his birth and even that of his entry into Jerusalem can make us lose track of Who He is. I read recently an exchange between two people. The first asked “Jesus is your homie, right?” The second answered, “No, He is my Lord.” Let us always bless Him.

With love in Christ,

+Fr. Peter