2013-12-29 message

Post date: Jan 21, 2014 1:00:47 AM

We often speak of communion in the Church, whether it be in terms of Holy Communion, the communion among the persons of the Holy Trinity, or the communion in which we enter in through worship. The pattern of our feast days often illustrates this communion. Two Sundays before Christmas, we commemorate the forefathers of Christ. The Sunday before Christmas we read the Gospel of the genealogy of Christ and commemorate all the righteous of the Old Testament – from Adam to Joseph the betrothed; the list of people commemorated during Orthros last Sunday covered a full page of small print.

Today, the Sunday after Christmas, we commemorate specifically David the king, Joseph the betrothed, and James the brother of the Lord. King David was a prophet and spoke of the coming of Christ. Joseph was Mary’s husband and the care taker for both her and the young Jesus. James was a son of Joseph from his previous marriage, was with Christ during the flight to Egypt, and later became bishop of Jerusalem.

Through these commemorations, we see the people of faith connected through history. God’s work of salvation is a continuous stream through history and everyone who takes place in that work is part of the communion of faith. Put simply, salvation is not an individual pursuit. The Church in 2013 is connected unmistakably and continuously to everyone in this history of salvation. Let us remember and honor those who cooperated with God in His work of salvation and may we offer ourselves to Him that we, too, may be part of this communion of saints

With love in Christ,

+Fr. Peter