From the 10-14-2012 Sunday Bulletin

Post date: Oct 31, 2012 4:23:45 PM

· TODAY – CHILDREN’S SERMON right after the Gospel Reading. Parents, remind your children to bring their own stewardship offering and place it in the basket as they come up.

· TODAY – SUNDAY SCHOOL classes resume today. REMEMBER teachers then students come to communion first, so that teachers make it to the classroom before the students

· TODAY – Congratulations to Calixtos Samuel Karaboitis (son of Thano & Jessica) for his baptism which took place last Saturday, October 6th. Godparents are Rory & Elleni Huerter. Calix will be receiving communion first (even before the Sunday School staff & students).

· TODAY – 40-day Memorial Service for Weldegabriel Gabremeskal - Fiori’s grandfather.

· Mon, Oct. 15 – Parishioner Home & Nursing Home visitations/communion by Fr. Ciprian

· Mon, Oct. 15 – GREEK SCHOOL – 5:30pm Children’s Class & 6:30pm Adult Class

· Tue, Oct. 16 – 6:30pm Parish Council Meeting

· Mon, Oct. 15 – CEMETERY CLEAN-UP by Murdoch. Please be sure to remove flowers you don’t want thrown away or items that might break (e.g.: candle holder) before that date.

· Mon, Oct. 15 – GREEK SCHOOL – 5:30pm Children’s Class & 6:30pm Adult Class

· Mon, Oct. 15 – Deadline for submissions to the November-December Messenger. Ministry leaders please submit your announcements to

· Oct. 15/16 – Fr. Ciprian Sas leaves Cedar Rapids and Fr. Peter Andronache moves here.

· Tue, Oct. 16 – 6:30pm Parish Council Meeting

· Sat, Oct. 20 – LEAF IT TO US – 8:00am-12noon – Sign-ups for children volunteers and those who want to have their yard raked are in the Church Hall. Volunteers need to bring their own rakes and are invited back to church for a little lunch. Should be done around 1 pm.

· Sat, Oct. 20 – 5:30pm Great Vespers

· Sun, Oct. 21 – 9:00am Orthros; 10:00am Divine Liturgy; 11:30am Fellowship. Fr. Peter Andronache’s 1st Divine Liturgy. One thing more important than the size of the church is how full it actually is during the Divine Services, so let’s fill it J

· Tue, Oct. 23 – METROPOLITAN IAKOVOS NAME DAY DINNER – This Clergy Syndesmos Fundraiser supports St. Iakovos Retreat Center. Our parish has budgeted a full table of 10 ($1000) and we look forward to filling it. Two parishioners have already chosen to donate $100 per plate for this cause and make their appearance there to support our parish together with Fr. Peter. You too can choose to represent our parish for a smaller amount if you’d like, just let Michael know by NO LATER than this Wednesday, Oct. 17.

· PARISH SURVEY – We have received back quite a few Surveys – thanks to all of you who took the time to diligently complete this survey. Though the deadline for submission was yesterday, Oct. 13, you can still fill it out place it in our Mailbox TONIGHT so it is there first thing Monday morning. Results will be entered and report prepared for Parish Assembly.

· MEAL TO RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE – Service Outreach Committee members prepared and delivered food and had the opportunity to meet some of the children & families under care at the hospital. They were excited for the meal :) thanks to Edie, Tula and Dorothea for volunteering their time in preparing the desserts and baking the pastitsio. We are looking for donations to off-set the cost of pastistio for this meal.

· FALL GREEK DINNER – Served about 730 meals – Please turn in all ticket sale income and left over tickets a.s.a.p. Remember, payments made for (purchasing) returned tickets become a tax-deductible donation.

· ST. JOHN’S FOOD DRIVE – Next Sunday is the 3rd Sunday of the month and the one to finalize this month’s food item collections. We have some items in the Narthex already but please take the list of Food Bank desired items and don’t forget the ones in need when you do your shopping this week. Children will also participate this month; announcement will be made during Fellowship. The Food Bank is in great need this time a year.

· YOUNKER COUPON BOOK FUNDRAISER – We will again this year taking advantage of the opportunity to raise funds by selling the $5 coupon books from Younkers. We get to keep the $5 for each coupon book sold and if we sell 75 coupon books we also get an additional "bonus" from Younkers ($424 last year). If you are interested in selling some of these books or buying one for yourself please talk with Edie Yerington.

· PARISH ASSEMBLY – Sunday, November 18 – Please mark your calendars and prepare to attend the Fall Parish Assembly. In addition to being in good canonical standing with the Church, the UPRs and our bylaws also state that all Eligible Voters need to fill out a Pledge Form (Stewardship Commitment Card), pay all prior year balances at least 30 days before the Parish Assembly, and pay at least 75% of the current year’s pledge by the date of the Parish Assembly. Remember, if there is financial hardship to fulfill your pledged amount, speak to Fr. Ciprian and all adjustments will be made accordingly.

· PROSFORO – We need more prosforo for the Divine Liturgy. Speak with Father.

· CONTACT INFO FOR FR. PETER remains the same; see the header of the Sunday Bulletin above. However, please allow him this week to get settled in. Parish Contact Information cards available.