From the 09-30-2012 Sunday Bulletin

Post date: Oct 31, 2012 4:22:27 PM

· TODAY – CHILDREN’S SERMON after the reading of the Gospel. Parents, please remind your children to bring their stewardship offering at this time.

· TODAY – SUNDAY SCHOOL – Teachers then students receive communion first (in that order) so that teachers make it to the Church Hall first and no students end up there unsupervised.

· TODAY – Jon Klein will have a short presentation about his mission trip to Romania. Since Laryssa is sick today, she will like present about her extended summer mission trip to the Orthodox Orphanage in Guatemala on a different day.

· Mon, Sept. 31 – Parishioner Home & Nursing Home visitations by Fr. Ciprian

· Mon, Sept. 31 – GREEK SCHOOL – 5:30pm Children’s Class & 6:30pm Adult Class

· Tue, Oct. 2 – Sts. Ciprian & Justina – 9:00am Orthros & 10:00am Divine Liturgy

· Tue, Oct. 2 – 11:00am SENIORS’ EVENT with Fr. Aurel & Pre. Lidia Sas. Fr. Aurel will offer a presentation about his pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Mt. Athos, Romania, etc. Bring your Brown Bag Brunch and good cheer.

· Sat, Oct. 6 – PASTRIES PREPARATION FOR DINNER – Speak to Eleonora R. for details.

· Sat, Oct. 6 – 5:30pm Great Vespers

· Sun, Oct. 7 – 8:30am Orthros & 9:30am Divine Liturgy (EARLIER DUE TO DINNER)

· Sun, Oct. 7 – FALL GREEK DINNER – 11:00AM – 7:00PM – As usual, 10 tickets per adult have been distributed in the hopes that all of them and more will be sold. If not, payments made for (purchasing) returned tickets become a tax-deductible donation. Last but not least, the Sign-up Sheet for the Volunteer Positions is in the Church Hall by the refreshments line; please do not leave till last minute and SIGN-UP TODAY.

· Mon, Oct. 8 – Parishioner Home & Nursing Home visitations/communion by Fr. Ciprian

· Mon, Oct. 8 – GREEK SCHOOL – 5:30pm Children’s Class & 6:30pm Adult Class

· Tue, Oct. 9 – 6:30pm Philoptochos Meeting

· Thu, Oct. 11 – SERVICE OUTREACH – Meal to Ronald McDonald House. Speak to Regina Christodoulou if you’d like to participate by helping prepare the food, by donating toward the cost of ingredients, or by delivering the meal which will be served between 5pm to 7pm.

· Sat, Oct. 13 – 5:30pm Great Vespers

· Sun, Oct. 14 – 9:00am Orthros; 10:00am Divine Liturgy; 11:30am Farewell Party for Fr. Ciprian & family during Fellowship/Coffee hour.

· Mon, Oct. 15 – CEMETERY CLEAN-UP by Murdoch. Please be sure to remove flowers you don’t want thrown away or items that might break (e.g.: candle holder) before that date.

· Mon, Oct. 15 – GREEK SCHOOL – 5:30pm Children’s Class & 6:30pm Adult Class

· Oct. 15/16 – Fr. Ciprian Sas leaves Cedar Rapids and Fr. Peter Andronache moves here.

· Tue, Oct. 16 – 6:30pm Parish Council Meeting

· PARISH ASSEMBLY – Sunday, November 18 – Please mark your calendars and prepare to attend the Fall Parish Assembly. In addition to being in good canonical standing with the Church, the UPRs and our bylaws also state that all Eligible Voters need to fill out a Pledge Form (Stewardship Commitment Card), pay all prior year balances at least 30 days before the Parish Assembly, and pay at least 75% of the current year’s pledge by the date of the Parish Assembly. Remember, if there is financial hardship to fulfill your pledged amount, speak to Fr. Ciprian and all adjustments will be made accordingly.

· THANK YOU – The Sunday School Staff thanks Eleonora Rieck for donating an electric pencil sharpener to the Sunday School and Michael Christodoulou for installing three new white boards for our classrooms. Thank you also to Konstantine Katsiris and his helper Evan Farfaras for a job well done on the landscaping a week ago.

· PROSFORO – We need some prosforo even by the next Divine Liturgy. Speak with Father.

· PARISH SURVEY – The Parish Council did a great job finalizing our Parish Survey in record time. Efforts have also been put into the late hours of the night last night by some P.C. members and spouses in order to assemble it for mailing. We ask that you take the time to diligently read the instructions, answer all the questions on the Survey and mail it back by the due date.

· ORGAN – Per Parish Assembly, Organ is ready to go to a good home (free will donation to church).