From the 03-15-15 bulletin

Post date: Apr 16, 2015 2:09:44 AM

This week at St. John

  • Sunday, March 15 - Sunday of the Holy Cross
    • 9:00 a.m. Orthros and Divine Liturgy with procession of the cross, followed by fellowship
    • 5:30 p.m. Pan-Orthodox Vespers at St. John
  • Monday, March 16 -
    • 9:30 a.m. Playgroup meeting at the Andronache home
    • 6:00 p.m. Great compline
  • Tuesday, March 17
    • 10:00 a.m. Adult education series
    • 6:30 p.m. Parish council meeting
  • Wednesday, March 18
    • 5:30 p.m. Presanctified Liturgy, followed by fellowship and presentation on Christ in the Psalms and the Old Testament in general
  • Friday, March 20
    • 6:00 p.m. Salutations to the Theotokos
  • Saturday, March 21
    • 4:30 p.m. Chant and Liturgy music
    • 5:30 p.m. Great Vespers
  • Sunday, March 22 - Sunday of the St. John of the Ladder
    • 9:00 a.m. Orthros and Divine Liturgy followed by fellowship
    • 5:30 p.m. Pan-Orthodox Vespers at St. Demetrios in Waterloo

Prosphora this week were prepared by Mary Siamis

Today, our Philoptochos is hosting the annual Holy Cross luncheon, the proceeds of which go to Hellenic College/Holy Cross. Come, enjoy the food and fellowship, and support our seminary.

Please check the sign-up sheet in the hall for opportunities to sponsor the Sunday fellowship in 2015. Next Sunday is still in need of sponsorship.

Many thanks to last night’s US Cellular Center volunteers, who earned around $650 for the church

St. John playgroup (3 and under, older siblings welcome) will meet tomorrow at 9:30 at the Andronache home.

If you would like to receive the sacrament of confession during Lent, I am available either after Saturday Vespers or by appointment.

We will have an all-youth mini-retreat on Friday, March 27, 5 - 8:30 p.m. and are looking for a couple of volunteers to help oversee the younger children. Please let Fr. Peter know if you can help.

On March 1st the Sunday school children received their Orthodox Mission Coin Boxes. They will collect coins and donations all throughout Great Lent to support the Orthodox Christian Mission Center. We ask all parishioners for their help in finding lost and forgotten coins, you know the ones in our couches, in our cars, in the washing machines, the bottom of our purses, etc... These coins need a new home. Simply bring them to a Sunday school student at church and we will gladly take care of all your lost coins. We would like to collect all those lost coins by Palm Sunday. Thank you for all your help with this mission.

Save the Date: Palm Sunday Luncheon on April 5th. Look for the RSVP list in the church hall. Let us know you are coming. Or call/email Maria Katsiris. 319-373-0777/ This lovely luncheon is hosted by the Sunday school families of St. John the Baptist.

Registration is open for Camp St. George. Online registration for Fanari Camp should open April 1. As we have done in the past few years St. John’s will be providing financial assistance to help defer the cost for our youth attending.

Eleonora and Regina invite all of the parish to meet at 10 am to assemble the Baklava and Galatouboureko, for our Greek dinnner, on Tues. March 24th in the Church fellowship hall. We will work while we listen to the adult education series about the lives of the saints.

Stewardship corner

Part of that covenant between God and His people was the tithe (the people agreed to return 10% of what God had given to them back to Him). The Holy Prophet Malachi lived hundreds of years after Abraham and that first simple covenant. The Prophet lived hundreds of years after the covenant was made again with Moses on Mt. Sinai when Moses received the Law of God in the form of the Ten Commandments. Late in the life of God’s Old Testament people Malachi is still working to get God’s people to be faithful to what they had agreed to as their part of the contract.

For the Holy Prophet it was simple: Give your tithes and offerings, fill the storehouse of God, and then see what happens. And what will God do? He will as He always had done. He will do as He did at the Red Sea. He will do has He did at Jericho when the walls came tumbling down. He will do as He did in the Promised Land, a land given to His people, a land overflowing with milk and honey. Give your tithes and offerings, the Prophet said, and test the Lord: He will pour down for you an overflowing blessing (from On Stewardship and the Orthodox Life on

If you haven’t done so yet, please fill out a pledge form for your 2015 stewardship! So far in 2015 we have $88,818 pledged out of $108,480 budgeted.