From 3/21/10 Sunday Bulletin

Post date: May 3, 2010 4:33:11 PM

· TODAY – After the Divine Liturgy we will have a Memorial Service for Alina Warners’ grandparents, Platon and Maria. May their memory be eternal and their souls rest in peace among the saints.

· TODAY – PROGRAM BY OUR GREEK SCHOOL – Our Greek School classes (children and adults) will be presenting a program about Greek Independence and the Feast of HOLY ANUNCIATION in the church hall right before Fellowship.

· TODAY – PAN-ORTHODOX LENTEN VESPERS – at 5:30pm will be hosted by St. Raphael Church in Iowa City. Let’s worship and fellowship together over a wonderful Lenten Meal.

· FLOWER DONATIONS – There are still opportunities to contribute to the beautification of our Lenten services by donating flowers and other liturgical items for use during Great and Holy LENT.

· LIFE LESSONS FROM SUNDAY GOSPEL READINGS (2010) – EVERY TUESDAY from 5:30pm-6:30pm (unless otherwise noted) – This in-depth look at the Gospel Readings prescribed by the Orthodox Church for each of the 52 Sundays for 2010 focuses on how to best apply the teachings from these Gospel Readings to our every-day lives. Come and join us!

· WED, MAR. 24 – Greek School (4:30pm); NO CLASS (Mar. 31) during Holy Week.

· WED, MAR. 24 – WEDNESDAY EVENING PROGRAM – (5:30pm) Great Vespers for Holy Anunciation; (6:15pm) Potluck Lenten Meal; (6:45pm-8:00pm) A Short Documentary about the celebration of the Greek Independence and its connection to the Feast of Holy Anunciation. This film examines both the religious and ethnic perspective and the similarities between the Greek and American quests for independence. Yes, we will end at 8:00pm, ½ hour earlier than usual.

· THU, MAR. 25 – HOLY ANNUNCIATION – Orthros (9:00am) and Divine Liturgy (10:00am)

· FRI, MAR. 26 (5:30pm-7:30pm) – LENTEN PROGRAM FOR THE YOUTH – Please bring your children (6 to 18 years old) to church this evening. This Lenten program for the youth will include topics about Great Lent, as well as Holy Week preparation for Altar Servers and Myrrh Bearers. Children under 13 will be dismissed early (about 6:30pm); Teenagers will be kept a little longer.

· SAT, MAR. 27 – LAZARUS SATURDAY – Orthros (8:00am) and Divine Liturgy (9:00am)

· SAT, MAR. 27 – CHURCH CLEAN-UP AND DECORATION (10:30am-5:00pm) – Nourishment will be provided for all workers. This very thorough cleaning of our church in preparation for Holy Week and Pascha is a very big project and it necessitates our involvement.

· SATURDAY VESPERS at 5:30pm (Altar Boys in Training to show up at 5:15pm).

· MISSIONS COINBOX DRIVE – Our Sunday School’s effort to support Orthodox missions throughout the world continues until next Sunday (Mar. 28), when all collections will be gathered.

· NEXT SUNDAY, MAR. 28 – PALM SUNDAY FISH LUNCEON will be hosted by our Sunday School Staff and families. The suggested minimum donation is $5.00/each.

· PHILOPTOCHOS ALTAR COVERS PROJECT – If you would like to help Philoptochos to acquire a much-needed new set of Altar Covers (etc.), please see the sign-up sheet in church hall.

· EASTER EGG HUNT – The Sunday School needs wrapped candy for the Egg Hunt on Holy Pascha. Please place donated candy in the decorated box next to the coat rack by Next Sunday. If you would like to help with the Egg Hunt (stuff plastic eggs, hide eggs, etc...) contact Renee Hadjis.

· SPRING GRECIAN DINNER – May 2, 2010 – Tickets will be distributed TODAY. The sign-up sheet is posted in the church hall. Sign up early to get the position you want. We are looking for 2 volunteers to help George Haronitis and Harry Kitsos at Tomaso's; with the intent that they would start to take a lead in this position in the future. Thank you.

· THE MESSENGER – Our Mar-Apr Issue will be handed out today during Fellowship. After Fellowship, we will label and prep the remaining newsletters for bulk mailing. Stay if you’d like.