From 3/07/10 Sunday Bulletin

Post date: May 3, 2010 4:32:00 PM

· TODAY – SUNDAY OF THE HOLY CROSS. The procession with the Holy and Life-Giving Cross will be done before the Dismissal for the Divine Liturgy.

· TODAY – 40-DAY MEMORIAL SERVICE of Thomas Karras. May his soul rest in peace among the saints and his memory be eternal!

· TODAY – PHILOPTOCHOS LUNCHEON – Our Philoptochos ladies have prepared this luncheon as a means to raise funds for Holy Cross Seminary / Hellenic College - the place where most priests of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese receive their training. A collection basket will be passed after the Liturgy and donations by those who partake of the wonderful meal are encouraged.

· TODAY – PAN-ORTHODOX LENTEN VESPERS – TODAY at 5:30pm will be hosted by St. Raphael Church in Iowa City. Please come worship together in their still relatively new Church and enjoy fellowship over a wonderful Lenten Meal in their still relatively new Church Hall .

· MISSIONS COINBOX DRIVE – Our Sunday School’s effort to support Orthodox missions throughout the world is off to a great start since our Missions Collection on Forgiveness Sunday totaled $249. As we do every year, our Sunday School students will bring back their coinboxes every Sunday and do their own mini collection. At the end of lent, we forward all they have collected to OCMC.

· FLOWER DONATIONS – It is again the time of the year when we have the opportunity to contribute to the beautification of our Lenten services by donating flowers and other liturgical items for use during the Great and Holy LENT. The sign-up form is on the bulletin board.

· LIFE LESSONS FROM SUNDAY GOSPEL READINGS (2010) – EVERY TUESDAY from 5:30pm-6:30pm (unless otherwise noted) – This in-depth look at the Gospel Readings prescribed by the Orthodox Church for each of the 52 Sundays for 2010 focuses on how to best apply the teachings from these Gospel Readings to our every-day lives. Come and join us!

· GREEK SCHOOL TIME CHANGE (for the Adult Class) – EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 4:30PM - For the duration of Great and Holy Lent, BOTH (the adult and children classes) will be held at 4:30pm-5:30pm, so as to not interfere with the Lenten Wednesday evening program (PreSanctified Liturgy at 5:30pm, Lenten Meal at 6:45pm, & Religious Education at 7:15pm-8:30pm). Come and see!

· LENTEN WEDNESDAY EVENINGS at 5:30pm-8:30pm – Every Wednesday Evening during the Great and Holy Lent starting the Wednesday, February 17, we will serve the PreSanctified Divine Liturgy at 5:30pm, partake of the Lenten Meals prepared by our Philoptochos ladies at about 6:45pm and participate in a Religious Education Class at about 7:15pm; will end at 8:30pm. A solid effort to dedicate these 3 hours weekly will be a worth-while investment in our spiritual development. Please come/see/experience/participate!

· LENTEN FRIDAY EVENINGS at 5:30pm-6:45pm – Salutations and Akathist Services

· HOPE & JOY JOINT EVENT – This SATURDAY, MAR 13 AT 2:30PM (meet at church). We will car pool to the Indian Creek Nature Center where we will be taking a guided tour through the woods to identify maple trees, will tap a tree, see how the sap is gathered, and learn about boiling the sap into maple syrup. If you cannot make to church by 2:00pm, you can choose to meet us there at 2:30pm; see for location and directions.


· LENTEN SUNDAY EVENINGS at 5:30pm – Pan-Orthodox Lenten Vespers (see schedule)

· NEXT LENTEN VESPERS (MAR. 14) – will be hosted by St. George Church.