From 12-25-2011 Sunday Bulletin

Post date: Dec 27, 2011 5:11:24 PM

· Christ is Born! Glorify Him! – May we all have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to come.

· TODAY – POTLUCK FELLOWSHIP – Please join us in the Church Hall.

· WAL CALENDARS – Please grab a Wall Calendar 2012 - One per household please. Also, Sunday School would much appreciate your 2011 Wall Calendars for crafts throughout the following year. Please bring and place yours in the basket in the Narthex in next couple of weeks.

· SUNDAY SCHOOL – NO classes: Christmas Day (12/25), New Year’s Day (1/1), Feast Day Lunch (1/8).

· Mon, Dec. 26 – Synaxis of the Theotokos – 9:00am Orthros & 10:00am Divine Liturgy

· Mon, Dec. 26 – Fr. Ciprian will be doing visitations and offering communion in homes of parishioners.

· Tue, Dec. 27 – Father’s Ciprian’s Semi-Day-Off J Feel free to contact him for any emergencies.

· Tue, Dec. 27 – NO ORTHODOX-CHRISTIAN LESSON this week.

· Wed, Dec. 28 - Fri, Dec. 30 – Fr. Ciprian’s last 3 vacation days for 2011. Please call the same number (804-8501). Michael Christodoulou will place you in contact with an Orthodox priest, if there is a need.

· Wed, Dec. 28 – NO Greek School December 21st & 28th. Classes will resume on January 4th.

· Sat, Dec. 31 – 5:30pm Great Vespers

· Sun, Jan. 1 – 9:00am Orthros; 10:00am Divine Liturgy; Fellowship by Helgens Family

· Mon, Jan. 2 – Fr. Ciprian will be doing visitations and offering communion in homes of parishioners.

· Tue, Jan. 3 – 5:30pm-6:30pm Weekly Orthodox Christian Lesson

· Thu, Jan. 5 – 9:00am Royal Hours for Theophanykj

· Thu, Jan. 5 – 5:30pm Theophany Vespers

· Fri, Jan. 6 – 9:00am Orthros; 10:00am Divine Liturgy; 11:15am Great Blessing of the Water

· Fri, Jan. 7 – 5:30pm Festal Vespers for St. John the Baptist

· Sat, Jan. 7 – 9:00am Orthros &10:00am Divine Litugy

· Sat, Jan. 7 – 1:00pm Bishop Anthony will present on the subject “How the Baptism of Christ Redeems the Whole Creation” at Raphael’s Church in Iowa City

· Sat, Jan. 7 – 3:30pm Outdoor Blessing of the Water by IOCCA in Iowa City by the Iowa River Power Company; 5:00pm Hierarchal Great Vespers at St. Raphael Church.

· Sun, Jan. 8 – 8:30am Orthros; 10:00am Hierarchal Divine Liturgy followed by Our Feast Day Lunch and the Vasilopita. His Grace Bishop Demetrios will be with us for these celebrations.

· WONDERFUL WAY TO DONATE TO LOCAL CHARITIES – The IOCCA clergy are putting on our CATERING CLERGY hats and together will prepare and serve a dinner in the home of the winner of our Raffle. Dinner will be for up to 8 adults and will be prepared and served on either Thu, Feb. 9 or Fri, Feb. 10, 2012. Ticket sale income ($35/one, $60/two, $25/each for 4 or more tickets) will go to benefit local charities. The drawing is scheduled for Jan 7, 2012.