From 11-27-2011 Sunday Bulletin

Post date: Nov 27, 2011 3:07:00 PM

· TODAY – Memorial Service for Louis and Joanna Chipokas. May their souls rest in peace among the saints and their memory be eternal.

· TODAY – SUNDAY SCHOOL – NO Sunday School or Christmas Play Rehearsal today due to Thanksgiving. Our CHRISTMAS TREE will be decorated on December 4th. Many thanks to Goldie Helgens for donating ornaments & decorations. ANGEL TREE TAGS – are a wonderful charitable opportunity to donate Christmas gifts to children at Tanager Place. Just pick up a TAG from the Church Hall, be sure to sign your name by corresponding number, and follow instructions on the card.

· TODAY – 4:00pm-6:00pm Financial Peace Class

· Mon, Nov. 28 – Fr. Ciprian offering communion to our parishioners in home and nursing home

· Tue, Nov. 29 – 3:30pm-5:30pm Stewardship Committee Meeting (Envelope Stuffing)

· Tue, Nov. 29 – 5:30pm-6:30pm Our ORTHODOX-CHRISTIAN LESSON this week will be focused on acquiring an Orthodox mindset/disposition and the value and power of worship and prayer. Lesson will come almost entirely from a video that will include on-the-fly translation. Come and see J

· Wed, Nov. 30 – 3:00pm-4:30pm Service Outreach Committee Meeting

· Wed, Nov. 30 – GREEK SCHOOL – 4:30pm-5:30pm Children Classes

· Wed, Nov. 30 – GREEK SCHOOL – 6:00pm-7:00pm Adults Class

· Sat, Dec. 3 – 5:30pm Great Vespers

· Sun, Dec. 4 – 9:00am Orthros; 10:00am Divine Liturgy; 11:30am Fellowship

· Sun, Dec. 4 – STEWARDSHIP & ELECTIONS SUNDAY – Immediately after the Divine Liturgy, our Stewardship Program will start with Elleni Huerter’s Presentation (Abide in Me), which will be followed by our recitation of the Stewardship Offering Prayer and the Placing of our Stewardship Commitment Forms for 2012 into the Offering Baskets starting with the Priest, Parish Council, and Stewardship Committee. PARISH COUNCIL ELECTIONS will take place during Fellowship and the results will be announced toward the end of Fellowship Hour.

· MANDATORY PARISH COUNCIL TRAINING – is being rescheduled to either Tue, Nov. 29 (6:30pm-7:30pm) or Sat, Dec. 4 (4:00pm-5:00pm). All New Nominees and Continuing P.C. members need to contact Fr. Ciprian a.s.a.p. to determine which day is better.

· Mon, Dec. 5 – 6:00pm ALL YOUTH ST. NICK EVENT – Our Youth groups (HOPE, JOY and GOYA) will meet at St. John's for Vespers at 6:00pm and at about 6:30pm for a little fellowship and an educational program about our blessed St. Nicholas. The younger will enjoy this holiday together, with reading, crafts, etc. The older will receive a different age appropriate program with Fr. Ciprian. A blend of ethnic Saint Nicholas treats to follow. Contact Elleni Huerter (560-3902) if interested in lending a helping hand for this event.

· Tue, Dec. 6 – St. Nicholas – 9:00am Orthros & 10:00am Divine Liturgy

· Fri, Dec. 9 – 1:00pm-3:00pm SENIORS’ EVENT – We will be attending the Christmas Musical at the Amana Theatre Artists Co. (4709 220th Trail in Main Amana). Tickets are $16. Afterwards, we will engage in wonderful conversation at the Amana Bakery and Coffee Shop.

· GREEN SQUARE MEALS – is one of our Service Outreach ministries. This organization served about 2200 meals last year and estimate about 2500 this year. However, they lost much of their funding recently and would appreciate donations. If you are interested to support, please make your donation payable to “Green Square Meals” and mail it to John Locher at 3518 Heatheridge Drive N.E, Cedar Rapids 52402 (Mark the envelope “Green Square Meals” too).