From 10-02-2011 Sunday Bulletin

Post date: Oct 14, 2011 6:43:37 PM

· CONGRATULATIONS to Michael Blocksom and Leasha Okones. They are engaged to be married as of Friday, September 30th. May God bless them both.

· TODAY – Sun, Oct. 2 – 4:00pm-6:00pm – Financial Peace Class with Dave Ramsey

· Mon, Oct. 3 – Fr. Ciprian will be doing Parishioner Visitations and preparing (putting together) Workshop for the Clergy-Laity Assembly.

· Mon, Oct. 3 – 4:00pm-7:00pm Baklava Preparation for the Dinner (Come help Eleonora and use this opportunity to learn from her how to make Baklava)

· Tue, Oct. 4– 5:30pm-6:30pm WEEKLY ORTHODOX-CHRISTIAN LESSONS – This week’s lesson will be from the Holy Scriptures (Today’s Epistle & Gospel Readings)

· Wed, Oct. 5 – 4:30pm-5:30pm Children’s Greek School

· Wed, Oct. 5 – 6:00pm-7:00pm Adult Greek School

· Sat, Oct. 8 – 5:00pm All pastries (except Galatoubouriko) are to be brought to church at 5:00pm. Galatouboureko can be brought to the Scottish Rite on Sunday no later than 10:00am.

· Sat, Oct. 8 – 5:30pm Great Vespers

· Wed-Sat, Oct. 5-8 – Metropolis Clergy-Laity Assembly in Champaign, IL (4.5 hrs. from Cedar Rapids) --- As usual, Fr. Ciprian will be attending this Assembly, but this year he is also the leader of one of the 4 workshops: The Thriving Small Parish: Moving from Surviving to Thriving. MORE INFORMATION: Presbytera Maggie learned that a Myrrh-Streaming, Wonder-Working Icon from Hawaii (which is known to have performed miracles already) is taken through many cities in the eastern area and will be in Parma, OH (7.5 hrs. from Champaign, IL) during the Divine Liturgy on Thursday, Oct. 6. Thus, on Wednesday (Oct. 5) Pres. Maggie will continue her pilgrimage from Champaign to Parma in order to venerate the icon and hopefully receive some of the myrrh on Thursday morning. She will then return to Champaign and taste the Clergy-Laity for the next couple of days, since Father will need a ride back to Cedar Rapids. Other parishioners are choosing to drive straight there and back. If anyone else is interested in this super quick pilgrimage, SPEAK TO FR. CIPRIAN OR PRES. MAGGIE TODAY. Whether you choose to stay at the Clergy-Laity Assembly after venerating the icon (and how long) is strictly up to you, of course.

· Sun, Oct. 9 – SERVICES HALF HOUR EARLIER – 8:30am Orthros & 9:30am Divine Liturgy

· Sun, Oct. 9 (11:00am-7:00pm) – FALL GREEK DINNER – Our ability to make this Fundraiser a success for our church hinges on our willingness to give of our time and of our talents. Let’s help our church benefit from our good work in ticket sales, cooking, working, serving, etc. WE STILL NEED PEOPLE TO SIGN-UP FOR WORK SHIFTS AFTER 4:00PM.

· Youth Service Ministry – Please read the “Leaf” it to Us handout and place your name on the SignUp sheet in the hall if you are interested in having our youth come rake leaves for you on the morning of Sat, Oct. 29th, 2011.

· SUNDY SCHOOL – There is a position open for a Christmas Play Director this Year. The Christmas Play will be on Sunday, December 25.