From 09/27/09 Sunday Bulletin

Post date: Sep 27, 2009 6:21:35 PM

· SENIOR CITIZENS – We didn’t have too many seniors show up for last Sunday. Nonetheless, several of our parish family members were able to enjoy the movie we had planned. We had wonderful turnouts at the joint-events with St. George on Thursday. All who are interested in the joint-event with the Quad City Orthodox Churches (River Cruise on Tue, Oct. 20), please let Edie know as soon as possible.

· ORTHODOX MISSIONS IN IRELAND – The Outreach and Evangelism committee (who organized all our church’s old/donated icons stored in boxes) together with the Parish Council recommended that the icons that can be used for worship or display be donated to missions, purchased by us, or sold. Providentially (with God’s care), we had the opportunity to donate them along with most of old hymnal books to Orthodox Christians Missions that are being established in Ireland through the tireless work of Fr. Irenaeus and Fr. David. We, of course, still kept all the icons that we hope to use for processions as needed, for display at church events, or in our soon-to-be established church store.

· SUNDAY SCHOOL – Due to the blessing of 40+ students registered for Sunday School we have to have Level 3 and Level 4 classes (grades 7-12) right before the Divine Liturgy starting at 9:15am. Thank you to our teachers who have agreed to come earlier and thank you to all the parents for bringing your children earlier so that they can continue to benefit from this important educational and character building ministry of our parish.

· CHURCH MAINTENANCE/IMPROVEMENTS – A new and much improved (but still cheaper :) security system was installed; the occasion prompted the rekeying of the locks. Everybody who receives a key will choose your personal code and be trained on how to use the new system. The Parish Council will contact all who need a key this week. If somebody who needs a key is mistakenly overlooked, please let us know next Sunday and you too shall receive a key and proper training. A new rail was installed by Konstantine and other church improvements have been made by Maria and Michael who took a day-off from work and spent all of it here working on church stuff. This is also a good time to thank Dorothea and Carrol who clean the church on a regular basis. Reminder to everyone that the cleaning of the church hall (which includes vacuuming and wiping of tables) after fellowship is the responsibility of the hosting family.

· GREEK SCHOOL – Our new BEGINNERS’ CLASS FOR ADULTS will start on Wednesday, October 7 at 5:30pm promptly. For more details, please grab a copy of the informational sheet on the bulletin board. If you are interested and have not signed up yet, speak to Harry Kitsos or Maria Katsiris as soon as possible. Children’s class begins at 4:30pm. Parents, please be prompt and bring them to church at about 4:20pm. Thank you!

· GREEK FALL DINNER SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11 (11am-7pm) – If you have not already received tickets to sell or you need more, please speak to Michael Cristodoulou or Fr. Ciprian. Reminder that (according to our bylaws) every household is responsible for selling (or purchasing) a minimum of 10 tickets per adult for the Fall Dinner. Let’s do the best we can with the ticket sales, the volunteer time (sign-up sheet) and pastries preparations or donations (Philoptochos – Eleonora). The success of this dinner is very important as our church is hurting a little bit financially this year.