From 09-12-2010 Sunday Bulletin

Post date: Sep 13, 2010 1:20:25 AM

· TODAY – SUNDAY SCHOOL – The Blessing Prayer for the Beginning of the New School Year will be said right before Holy Communion. After receiving Holy Communion, all students will go downstairs for their Sunday School lessons. We now have 7 classrooms going on at the same time in the church hall; needless to say, a crying baby, setting up for fellowship during, and even conversations in the coat area during class time will be very distracting to the students and teachers. Thus, please set up for fellowship early and if you must be downstairs for whatever reason, remain in the coat area quietly please. Thank you.

· NEW ECCLESIASTICAL/SCHOOL YEAR HAS BEGUN – Please make note of all the changes in our Parish Ministries marked by the beginning of the new Ecclesiastical and School Year. Also view changes in Fr. Ciprian’s WeekDay Schedule in the Bulletin Heading. NOTE: When you need to get ahold of Fr. Ciprian by phone, please CALL THE OFFICE NUMBER FIRST regardless of the day of the week - you’ll likely find him there (except Thursdays) to speak with or leave a message. If your matter needs immediate attention, YOU CAN ALWAYS CATCH HIM ON HIS CELL, but this process will help him (1) to hopefully break the habit of averaging extremely high number of calls on his cell and no calls any longer while driving :) and (2) to minimize possible cell interruptions during important pastoral meetings. WEEKLY VISITATIONS: Let Fr. Ciprian know if you are interested in joining him for some visitations; he still needs help with Greek for some of these visits :) SUNDAY BULLETIN: From now on, Fr. Ciprian will be printing the Sunday Bulletins on Friday mornings (after which he will also set time aside for sermon preparation, theological readings, website updates etc.) so please submit your SUNDAY BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENTS EVERY THURSDAY BY MIDNIGHT.

· GREEK SCHOOL – All classes offered Wednesday Evenings: 4:30-5:20pm Continuing Children (Mary Harker); 4:30pm Beginners Children&Adults (Maria Katsiris) available if there’s interest; 5:30-6:10pm Conversational Greek (Mary Harker); 6:15-6:55pm Continuing Adults (Harrry Kitsos). It’s not too late to join. Speak to the respective teacher.

· Baptism of Eirene Sophia Shaheen – Sat, Sept. 18 at 10:30am at St. George Church – Fr. Fred and Kh. Michelle extend the invitation to our congregation. Today at fellowship is the last day to RSVP if you are interested in attending the baptism and reception.

· GREEK FESTIVAL in ROCK ISLAND – Sept. 18-19 – A group from our church will be at the Festival on Sat at 4:00pm. Let Fr. Ciprian know if you too are interested to come.

· SENIORS’ EVENT – Sat, Sep 18 - Mississippi River Cruise on the "Celebration Belle" leaving from 2501 River Dr., Moline, IL 61265 (Tel:309-764-1952) The Cruise in Moline starts boarding at 1:30pm, leaves at 2pm, and returns at 3:30pm. Tell Edie if you’re planning on coming and be prepared to pay there ($13.00/Adult, $12.00/Senior, and $9.00/child). After the cruise, EVERYONE (not just the seniors) is invited to drive to St. George's Greek Orthodox Church in Rock Island for their Greek Festival.

· Tue, Sep 14 – EXALTATION OF THE CROSS9am Orthros & 10am Divine Liturgy

· Tue, Sep 14 – 5:30pm-6:30pm Life Lessons from Gospel Readings Class

· Wed, Sep 15 – 4:30pm-6:30pm Greek School Classes (ask teachers for details)

· Wed, Sep 15 – 6:30pm Parish Council & Planning Meeting

· Sat, Sep 18 – 10:30pm Baptism; 1:30pm Cruise; Festival in Rock Island; NO VESPERS

· Sun, Sep 19 – College Student Sunday – OCF Kick-off Picnic (4pm-7pm) in Iowa City

· FALL GREEK DINNER – October 10, 2010 – Please sell tickets and sign up for shifts.