From 09-09-2012 Sunday Bulletin

Post date: Sep 13, 2012 10:45:39 PM

· TODAY – FALL GREEK DINNER – As usual, 10 tickets per adult have been distributed in the hopes that all of them and more will be sold. If not, paying for (or purchasing) returned tickets becomes a tax-deductible donation. Last but not least, the Sign-up Sheet for the Volunteer Positions is in the Church Hall by the refreshments line, please sign up.

· SUNDAY SCHOOL – First day of classes is September 16, 2012. There will be a brief parent-teacher meeting in the Nave of the church immediately following the Divine Liturgy – details already sent by email. This meeting will explain the new programs for the school year. Please attend. NOTE: That same day, the Prayer for the Beginning of the Sunday School Year will be said by Fr. Ciprian over our students (and teachers) immediately after the Gospel Reading (at the Children’s Sermon). Students and teachers should all be present.

· SERVICE TIMES – We just moved back to our regular 9:00am Orthros & 10:00am Divine Liturgy. However, Fr. Ciprian strongly recommends we DO NOT tinker with our alarm clocks and maybe continue to get up at the same time on Sunday mornings, so as to make it to church earlier. While very few of us are able to make it for Orthros, arriving at church before the Doxology should be a habit for adults and children alike, especially if one intends to receive communion.

· Mon, Sept. 10 – Home & Nursing Home Visitations of parishioners by Fr. Ciprian

· Tue, Sept. 11 – 6:30pm Philoptochos Meeting

· Wed, Sept. 12 – 6:00pm Stewardship Committee Meeting

· Thu, Sept. 13 – 5:30pm Great Vespers for Elevation of the Life-giving Cross

· Fri, Sept. 14 – Elevation of the Cross – 9:00am Orthros & 10:00am Divine Liturgy

· Sat, Sept. 15 – 3:00pm-5:00pm – ALL members of this committee should attend this meeting. Good participation is key to the establishment of a healthy long-range vision and we need your input on the Survey Questions. Any steward of our parish is welcome to attend.

· Sat, Sept. 15 – 5:30pm Great Vespers

· Sun, Sept. 16 – 9:00am Orthros; 10:00am Divine Liturgy; 1-year Memorial Service for John Margellos & Fellowship by Brenda & Nick Paxton

· Sun, Sept. 16 – After Children’s Sermon - Special Prayer for the Beginning of the School Year. All students and teachers should be present.

· Sun, Sept. 16 – First Day of Sunday School Classes begin immediately after communion. Students and teachers come to communion first.

· Mon, Sept. 17 – Sts. Sofia and her 3 daughters (Faith, Hope, Love) – 9:00am Orthros & 10:00am Divine Liturgy.

· Mon, Sept. 17 – SENIORS’ EVENT – The The Seniors’ group will worship together during Divine Service for Sts. Sophia and her daughters: Faith, Hope, and Love - Edie’s Name Day. Following Divine Liturgy we will eat and fellowship at a nearby restaurant.

· Tue, Sept. 18 – 6:30pm Parish Council Meeting

· Thu, Sept. 20 – 4:00pm PREPARING BAKLAVA – Please come to the church to help and/or learn how to make this wonderful dessert. If you are interested in helping by donating some of the items please speak with Eleonora Rieck.

· Sat, Sept. 22 – 5:30pm Great Vespers

· Sun, Sept. 23 – 9:00am Orthros; 10:00am Divine Liturgy; 11:30am 40-year Anniversary Prayers for Fr. Ciprian’s Parents amid his parish family of St. John.

· NEWSLETTER – Completed as Wednesday, currently in print for free J We should all have it in our mailboxes about mid-week.