From 08-21-2011 Sunday Bulletin

Post date: Aug 28, 2011 10:15:20 PM

· TODAY – Allison (Marie) Davenport who was received into the Orthodox Faith through Chrismation will be receiving communion first together with her God-mother, Renee (Irini) Hadjis.

· TODAY – Immediately after the Divine Liturgy, we will have the 40-day Memorial Service for George Mpolakis (Eleonora’s dad) and the 3-year Memorial Service for Constantine Chipokas and John Tzortzoudakis.

· TODAY – SUNDAY SCHOOL – LAST DAY TO REGISTER is TODAY so there is enough time to order and receive all books/materials BEFORE Sept. 11th (1st day of Sunday School). PARENTS, WE NEED YOUR COMPLETED REGISTRATION FORM TODAY. Children MUST be 3 years old at time of registration so as to benefit from the curriculum and not be distracting to other students.

· TODAY – Money for MEN’S NIGHT OUT tickets MUST still accepted TODAY. Details below.

· The SIGN-UP SHEET for the The Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class is in the Church Hall. The class will start about mid-September and it looks like it’ll be held on Sundays (4pm-6pm). Speak to Elleni Huerter or Frank Dancer for more details.

· Fri, Aug 26 – 6:00pm Vespers Service

· Fri, Aug 26 at 6:00pm – Vespers & MEN’S NIGHT OUT – We will gather at the church at 6:00pm for Vespers, and then head over to the Veterans Memorial Stadium for a Kernels’ Game. This should be a fun evening and we look forward to a great turn-out. Since tickets will likely be purchased tomorrow, you can still give your $10 to Michael Christodoulou TODAY DURING FELLOWSHIP.

· Sat, Aug 27 from 3:00pm-5:00pm – LONG-RANGE PLANNING MEETING – ALL members of this committee should attend this meeting. Good participation is key to the healthy establishment of long range visions.

· Sat, Aug 27 – 5:30 Great Vespers

· Sun, Aug 28 – 8:30am Orthros; 9:30am Divine Liturgy; Memorial Service for our Founders; & FOUNDERS’ DAY POTLUCK at MORGAN CREEK PARK Day Area

· Sun, Aug 28 – FOUNDERS’ DAY POTLUCK – As usual, the meat will be provided by the church and grilled by the Parish Council. Parishioners are encouraged to bring a side dish or dessert to share. Each family should bring their own place settings, table cover (if desired), and drinks. This new location (MORGAN CREEK PARK DAY AREA) has been used for this year’s Sunday School Outing and IT IS beautiful. Printed maps with directions will be available next Sunday.

· GREEK SCHOOL – We are currently planning another wonderful year of Greek School classes for adults and children. There is a sign-up sheet posted in the Church Hall for those who are interested in continuing their Greek Language Education or just Beginning. The sign-up sheet will help us arrange classes and teachers. Speak to Mary Harker for more details.

· OTHER UPCOMING EVENTS – Seniors’ Event (Sat, Sept. 10 at noon); Apple Picking (Sept. 17). Look for details in upcoming Sunday Bulletins.

· The Very Rev. Economos Constantine Nasr, a former pastor at St. George, has retired from St. Elijah the Prophet Antiochian Orthodox Church in Oklahoma City and is visiting Cedar Rapids. He will be celebrating Vespers at St. George on Wed, Aug 24 at 5:00pm. Vespers will be followed by supper and a presentation on his newly published book, Mastering the Art of Marriage (Conciliar Press).

· CHURCH BEAUTIFICATION – Hard to miss the new sidewalk – thanks be to God for this accomplishment. And thank you also to Konstantine and Michael for the necessary and quick landscaping work. A warm thank you also goes to Dorothea, Carrol, and Lindsey for doing such a thorough job cleaning this Friday. Let’s do our best to maintain it.