From 08-07-2011 Sunday Bulletin

Post date: Aug 28, 2011 10:09:38 PM

· TODAY – The 40-DAY CHURCHING OF MARIA & HER DAUGHTER SELENA CANAS will take place during the Divine Liturgy right after the Gospel Reading. Children’s sermon will follow immediately after the Churching service.

· TODAY – MEMORIAL SERVICE for Alina Warner’s grandparents (Maria and Platon).

· TODAY – VACATION CHURCH SCHOOL was a repeated success – This year’s Vacation Church Schoolers will be gathered by Presbytera Maggie and Juliana Dancer during the pre-Communion Hymn (“Praise the Lord…”) and accompanied to the front where they will sing this Hymn a second time and then lead everyone into the Communion Prayers (“I believe and confess Lord…”). After receiving communion, the younger group (Pre. Maggie’s class only) will go downstairs to the Church Hall for another short rehearsal for the PLAY that will take place during Fellowship. The older students (Juliana’s class) will help/support the younger ones put on a good PLAY. Thank you to the staff of Vacation Church School for doing an excellent job.

· TODAY – IOCC SCHOOL KITS – DEADLINE EXTENDED TILL NEXT SUNDAY, AUG. 14TH. Please sign your name by the items you’d like to donate, and be sure to bring all items to church NO LATER THAN NEXT SUNDAY. Speak to Dorothea Allans for more details.

· AUG 1-15 – DORMITION LENT – Please observe to the best of your ability. SUBMIT NAMES for the Paraklesis Services if you haven’t already.

· PARAKLESIS SERVICES – EVERY Mon., Wed. and Fri. at 6:00pm (NOT 5:30pm)

· Tue, Aug 9 – 6:00pm Parish Council Meeting

· Sat, Aug 13 – 5:30pm Great Vespers

· Sun, Aug 14 – DORMITION VESPERS at SISTER CHURH in East Moline at 5:00pm

· PICTORIAL DIRECTORIES – They are done; they look great; and they are here and available for pick-up J All the families who had their picture taken by Olan Mills receive a free directory. We have extras for those who wish to have one for the nominal cost of $5.00.

· FREE TO A GOOD HOME – More de-cluttering and organization this week; it’ll be very evident once you enter the church hall J Several things STILL on the blue Dessert Table. PLEASE BROWSE THROUGH THEM AND TAKE HOME WHAT YOU LIKE TODAY.

· MEN’S NIGHT OUT – Fri, Aug 26 at 6:00pm. The plan is to gather at the church at 6:00pm for Vespers, and then head over to the Veterans Memorial Stadium for a Kernels’ Game. This should be a fun evening and we look forward to a great turn-out. Tickets will be purchased on August 14th, so be sure to give your $10 to Michael Christodoulou before that date.

· LONG-RANGE PLANNING MEETING – Sat., August 27 from 3:00pm-5:00pm – Each member of this committee is strongly encourage to already make plans to attend this meeting. Good participation is key to the healthy establishment of long range visions.

· MESSENGER DEADLINE – AUG. 15 - All submissions need to be sent to

· The PREVIEW for the The Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class will take place on Sat., August 20th at 4:00pm. This PREVIEW will include a brief introductory video (25 minutes) and some discussion about the nuts and bolts of the class. Decision will also hopefully be made about the day and time for the actual class. Speak to Elleni Huerter or Frank Dancer for more details.