From 07-08-2012 Sunday Bulletin

Post date: Sep 7, 2012 6:59:44 PM

· TODAY – CLERGY-LAITY CONGRESS – Fr. Ciprian brings back the blessings of the Archbishop Demetrios and His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos. Resolutions from the Plenary Meetings can be read on the Bulletin Board by Father’s office.

· TODAY – After Holy Communion children will go downstairs for a Hymnology class

· TODAY – IOCC School Kits Sign-up; bring items by Sun, July 15; assemble & pack Sat, July 21.

· TODAY – SUNDAY SCHOOL – Promotion certificates are available on the bulletin board across from the church office for those students who missed the graduation ceremony. Students/Parents please pick up Sunday School Book/Folders from your teacher or see Maria Katsiris.

· TODAY – REGISTRATION for VACATION CHURCH SCHOOL (Mon-Fri, Aug. 6-10, 9am-11:30am) – The theme/title this year is “Bible Stories: True Mysteries, No Fairy Tales” and focus will be placed primarily on covering stories from both the Old Testament and the New Testament, with references to our Orthodox Faith. Activities will include storytelling, games, skits, crafts and even some singing. As usual, with the help of other dedicated individuals, we’ll be able to also make this a fun learning environment. If you are interested in facilitating activities, reading to the children, or helping with snacks and/or clean-up, please SIGN-UP and Presbytera Maggie will contact you.

· Tue, July 10, 6:00pm – LADIES’ MINI-GOLF & DINNER – All the Ladies of our Parish Family are invited to another fun evening of Mini Golf, dinner, and fellowship which will start at 6:00pm at the Airport National Public Golf and Range (3001 Wright Bros. Blvd., Cedar Rapids). The expense for mini golf will be about $6. Please sign up in the Church Hall or RSVP with Kay Escobedo so we have a head count for a potential restaurant reservation.

· Sat, July 14 – GREAT CAUSE – Support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – Our church has a team of 12 participants who entered the Warrior Dash race, a 5K obstacle course in Earlham, IA. As we conquer obstacles, leap fire, and crawl through the mud of Warrior Dash, the kids of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® are fighting for their lives against cancer. If you are interested in helping children with cancer by donating to St. Jude Hospital, you can do so through (on behalf of) one of our Warrior Dash participants (FrCiprian, PreMaggie, Jessica, MaryKay, Tina, Evan, Nicole, Phil, Leasha, Rory, Elleni, SteveP), if they signed up as St. Jude Warriors as well. Some of us already have personal links for those who want to make secure online donations, but one can also make a donation with a check once your desired participant gives you the proper St. Jude Form. Also, spectators pay no registration cost so we are hopeful that we will have a pretty good supporting group join us for the drive to Earlham, IA and hopefully cheer us on. We run at mid-afternoon. Keep checking our website for more details and direct links to see our team’s fundraising progress.

· Sun, July 15 – 8:30am Orthros; 9:30am Divine Liturgy & Fellowship by Phil Nickerson

· Sun, July 15 – 5:00pm-8:00pm – Our SUNDAY SCHOOL OUTING this year will take place at Tucker Park in Hiawatha. We will meet at the Yellow Pavilion where we will also be grilling out hot dogs and burgers provided by the church from Sunday School Fundraising. Thank you to Michelle and Pre. Maggie for planning out the Outdoor Fun and Games such as sack races, egg drop, soccer, mini relay races, water balloons, etc. There will also be opportunity for free play and/or the splash pad, for those who want. There is room for plenty of Fun – all we need is the Sun J Parents, please RSVP with Michelle or Presbytera and ask them how you could help (e.g.: side dish, chips, drinks, games, disposable plates&cutlery).

· Fri-Sat, Aug. 17-18 – Pilgrimage to Venerate relics of St. Nektarios at St. John Chrysostomos Monastery and Visit to our Metropolis St. Iakovos Retreat Center. Overnight stay at the Retreat. Details forthcoming. Please Sign-up if you are interested.