From 03-27-2011 Sunday Bulletin

Post date: Apr 12, 2011 12:46:38 AM

· CONGRATULATIONS to Graham Darrell Vasilios Hadjis who was baptized yesterday. God grant him many years. Congratulations also to Godparents Brandt and Sandy Worley and parents David and Amie Shumacher.

· TODAY - MEMORIAL SERVICE for Stavros and Bessie Hadjis. May their memory be eternal and their souls rest in peace among the saints.

· TODAY – HOLY CROSS SUNDAY – The short prayer service will be done after the Memorial Service and Communion Thanksgiving Prayers. Our children will be brought back upstairs so they too can attend.

· TODAY – HOLY CROSS – Philoptochos will pass a special annual collection today which will go to support the needs and ministries of Holy Cross Seminary (Hellenic College). This is the place most priests of the Greek Orthodox receive their education and training.

· EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI IN JAPAN – We did a special collection last Sunday for the earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan. Our hierarchs continue to encourage us to pray fervently for those affected by these massive twin disasters. Special petitions and prayers have been included in our Liturgy. You can still donate for this cause, just be sure to write “Japan” in the memo line.

· TODAY – SWORDSeries of Workshops on Orthodox Relationship Development –Presbytera Maggie will be conducting these one of a kind workshops throughout the year. These workshops are open to all adults young and young-at-heart, married or not. A Sign-Up List is located in the church hall by the food counter. Sign-up today because the first workshop is this Saturday, April 2nd from 3pm to 5pm.

· TODAY - Sun, Mar. 27 – PAN-ORTHODOX SOLEMN VESPERS at 5:30pm in Cedar – This Pan-Orthodox Solemn Vespers will be hosted by St. George Church. We had a total of 24 parishioners (including a few kids) attend the these Vespers in Waterloo last Sunday; let’s try to at least replicate that here in town J

· GREEK DINNER ON MAY 15 – The Volunteer Sign-Up list is posted in the Church Hall. Please use it.

· SPRING PARISH ASSEMBLY – Sunday, May 1st – Please make sure to bring your pledging up to date so as to be a steward in good standing. A list of “stewards in good standing” will be posted in a little while.

· SUNDAY SCHOOL – Our special collection toward the Missions Coin Box Drive on Forgiveness Sunday (Mar. 6th) totaled $185. Remember, our children continue this Mission Coin Box Drive throughout Great Lent and last Sunday (Mar. 13th) they brought in another $105. It's amazing that in just two weeks we are so close to our goal of $300. The Alms Giving Spirit of Great Lent surely lives in our parish family. After Palm Sunday, our total donations will be forwarded to the Orthodox Christian Missions Center (OCMC) to support the Orthodox Missions throughout impoverished parts of the world.

· GREAT AND HOLY LENT – In addition to fasting from meat and dairy, remember to also increase your personal prayer, your participation in the many and beautiful church services, and your alms giving.

· LITURGICAL COVERS FOR ALTAR & OTHER – As you may already know, Philoptochos is fundraising for a new set of much needed Paschal White Liturgical Covers for the Altar Table and other Liturgical Items. Please use the sign-up sheet in the church hall. Remember to print your name and the amount in brackets ($) under the item you’d like to donate towards. Checks payable to “Philoptochos”.

· FLOWER DONATIONS 2011 – If you’d like to help beautify our services through flower decorations of icons/tomb/etc. for this Great Lent period, please use the sign-up list available in the church hall.

· LONG-TERM PLANNING COMMITTEE – This new committee established at the Fall Parish Assembly met for the first time yesterday (Sat, May 19) from 3pm-5pm and constructively discussed events in Christ’s life in an attempt to bring to surface and emphasize how Christ’s ministry affects us today and how His sermons, miracles, healings, and examples can help shape our own parish ministries. The next meeting is scheduled for Sat, April 30 from 3pm-5pm. All meetings of this committee are open - any steward (pledged parishioner) of our parish family is welcome to attend.

· Wed, Mar. 30 – GREEK SCHOOL – 4:30pm-5:20pm Children’s Greek School

· Wed, Mar. 30 – 5:30pm PreSanctified Liturgy; 6:45pm Meal; 7:15-8:30pm Religious Education

· Thu, Mar. 31 – 6:00pm Adult Greek School

· Fri, Ap. 1 – 5:30pm 4th Salutations Service

· Sat, Apr. – 5:30pm - SWORD workshop led by Presbyter Maggie – Details above – Sign-up today.

· Sat, Mar. 26 – 5:30pm Great Vespers

· Sun, Mar. 27 – Sunday of St. John Climacus - 9:00am Orthros; 10:00am Divine Liturgy; 11:30am Fellowship by Barbulesce (Ion, Mihaela, & Sofia) & 5:30 Pan-Orthodox Vespers in Dubuque (1075 Rockdale Road)

· May-June Messenger – Deadline (April 11th) is early this time due to Holy Week services etc. Parish ministry leaders, please speak to Fr. Ciprian so as to finalize and submit your May-June events on time.