From 03-13-2011 Sunday Bulletin

Post date: Mar 15, 2011 8:24:04 PM

· TODAY – SUNDAY OF ORTHODOXY – Our children’s Procession with the Icons will take place today, right before Holy Communion. We have some icons for the kids who forgot to bring their owfn.

· TODAY - Sun, Mar. 13 – SUNDAY OF ORTHODOXY VESPERS WITH ICON PROCESSION at 5:30pm in Iowa City – This Pan-Orthodox Solemn Vespers will be hosted by St. Raphael’s Church (722 E. College St., Iowa City). We will have more than seven clergy concelebrate and there will be a Procession with the Icons as well. Fellowship over refreshments will follow. Don’t forget to bring an icon if you’d like to participate in the Procession. Car pools will be decided today during fellowship.

· SUNDAY SCHOOL – Thank you to all who helped by giving to the Orthodox Christian Missions Center (OCMC) last Sunday. Remember, our children continue to raise funds for this same cause (Orthodox missions abroad) through their Mission Coin Box Drive every Sunday until Palm Sunday, so if you missed the opportunity last Sunday, you can still donate through any one of the kids if you so choose. Our progress toward our $300 goal will be displayed on a chart in the Church Hall.

· GREAT AND HOLY LENT – In addition to fasting from meat and dairy, remember to also increase your personal prayer, your participation in the many and beautiful church services, and your alms giving.

· LITURGICAL COVERS FOR ALTAR & OTHER – As you may already know, Philoptochos is fundraising for a new set of much needed Paschal White Liturgical Covers for the Altar Table and other Liturgical Items. Please use the sign-up sheet in the church hall. Remember to print your name and the amount in brackets ($) under the item you’d like to donate towards. Checks payable to “Philoptochos”.

· FLOWER DONATIONS 2011 – If you’d like to help beautify our services through flower decorations of icons/tomb/etc. for this Great Lent period, please use the sign-up list available in the church hall.

· SERVICE OUTREACH COMMITTEE – This new committee is responsible to formally organize events and opportunities for our parishioners to offer of our time and talents to serve the Cedar Rapids community and/or other surrounding areas. Already looking into several such opportunities for physical work type of service outreach, this committee will meet again this Friday at 4pm in an attempt to make some of these time and talents opportunities available during this Lenten Season. Currently the committee comprises: Dorothea (chair), Carrol (secretary), Regina, Goldie, Edie, Elleni, Michelle.

· LONG-TERM PLANNING COMMITTEE – This new committee established at the Fall Parish Assembly will meet this Saturday (May 19) from 3pm-5pm. Its members and open slots (???) are posted in the church hall. The purpose of this committee, as specified at the Parish Assembly, is to formally initiate constructive and forever-peaceful conversation about our parish family’s long-term vision. All meetings of this committee are open - any steward (pledged parishioner) of our parish family is welcome to attend.

· Tue, Mar. 15 – 6:00pm Parish Council Meeting

· Wed, Mar. 16 – GREEK SCHOOL – 4:30pm-5:20pm Children’s Greek School

· Wed, Mar. 16 – 5:30pm PreSanctified Liturgy; 6:45pm Meal; 7:15-8:30pm Religious Education

· WEDNESDAY EVENINGS RELIGIOUS EDUCATION – Frank Dancer will be leading the first half hour of our Religious Education Class. Fr. Ciprian will lead the last half of the religious education. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

· Thu, Mar. 17 – 6:00pm Adult Greek School

· Fri, Mar. 17 – 4:00pm Service Outreach Committee Meeting

· Fri, Mar. 18 – 5:30pm 2nd Salutations Service


· Sat, Mar. 19 – 5:30pm Great Vespers

· Sun, Mar. 20 – St. Gregory Palamas - 9:00am Orthros; 10:00am Divine Liturgy; 11:30am Fellowship

· Sun, Mar. 20 – 5:30pm PAN-ORTHODOX SOLEMN VESPERS will be hosted by St. Demetrios Church in Waterloo, IA (613 W. 4th Street). See full schedule available in the Narthex.