From 03-04-2012 Sunday Bulletin

Post date: Mar 8, 2012 2:40:37 PM

· TODAY – SUNDAY OF ORTHODOXY – Following the Divine Liturgy: Thanksgiving Prayers (p. 360) and Sunday Stewardship Offering >> Announcements >> Children come back upstairs for Procession with the Holy Icons >> Children’s annual OCMC collection to start the Mission Coin Box Drive.

· TODAY – SUNDAY SCHOOL will begin the annual coin fundraiser for the Orthodox Christian Mission Center. The children will hear about a mission in Mongolia and will receive their coin boxes to take home with them. They will bring back their boxes to church every week and pool their collections together. A tray will be passed today so everyone can help start and participate in this almsgiving opportunity. We thank you in advance for helping the OCMC and the Sunday School. Help us spread the Good News all over the world through the establishment of new missions.

· TODAY – 5:30pm PAN-ORTHODOX LENTEN VESPERS & Fellowship at St. George Church

· Mon, Mar. 5 – Fr. Ciprian will be in Des Moines to have many of our Liturgical Items Gold Plated.

· Tue, Mar. 6 – Fr. Ciprian doing parishioner visitations in homes and nursing homes.

· NO TUESDAY EVENING CLASSES until after Bright Week. Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend as many of the Lenten Services as you can and make an extra strong effort to book your Wednesday evenings for your spiritual growth at church for the next few weeks.

· Wed, Mar. 7 – 4:30pm Children’s Greek School

· Wed, Mar. 7 – 5:30pm PreSanctified Liturgy, 7:00pm Lenten Meal by Tula Margellos & Mary Harker, 7:30pm-8:30pm Orthodox Education Class (Note: A little help for cleanup will be much appreciated by our Philoptochos sponsors.

· Thu, Mar. 8 – 6:00pm-7:00pm Adult Greek School (On Thursdays until after Great Lent)

· Fri, Mar. 9 – 5:30pm-6:30pm 2nd Salutations to the Theotokos Service

· Sat, Mar. 10 – MOVING FOR McAULEY (Sat, Mar. 10) is an annual mall walk to raise funds for the Catherine McAuley Center. Our church is involved with its adult education program through our Service Outreach and if you’d like to participate in this walk speak to Carrol Chipokas.

· Sat, Mar. 10 – 3:30pm Presentation of our Church to Cornell College adult students

· Sat, Mar. 10 – 5:30pm Great Vespers

· Sun, Mar. 11 – St. Gregory Palamas – 9:00am Orthros; 10:00am Divine Liturgy; 11:30am Fellowship by Regina & Antonis Christodoulou

· FLOWER DONATIONS – Distinct to Great Lent are our efforts to beautify our worship through the decoration of icons and other holy objects with flowers. The Sign-up list in the Church Hall.

· Sun, Mar. 11 – 4:00pm in Dubuque – Pan-Orthodox HOPE Event – The HOPE group invites everyone to leave Cedar Rapids together at 3:00pm and meet with youth from St. Elias Church at Dubuque's Heitkemp Planetarium located on the Loras college campus. The 4:00pm planetarium star show focused on Greek Mythology will end around 5:00pm and give us enough time to make it the Pan-Orthodox Lenten Vespers, 5:30 pm at St. Elias Greek Orthodox church.

· RAGBRAI (July 22-28) FUNDRAISER – We are looking for a group of parishioners interested in organizing this fundraiser for the day Ragbrai stops in Cedar Rapids (July 26). If you are interested in participating please contact Michael Christodoulou.

· Sat, Mar. 17 – 8:30am-5pm - Metropolis of Chicago Family Synaxis Lenten Retreat - On Marriage and Family Life: Sixteen centuries later, St. John Chrysostom’s words still ring true - “Your children will always be sufficiently wealthy if they receive from you a good upbringing that is able to order their moral life and behavior.” (St. John Chrysostom) – Registrations before March 7th are $65/family ($95/family after Mar. 7) – Cost includes workshops for kids and babysitting too. Visit for more details and speak to Fr. Ciprian if interested. Flyer with more details is available too.

· NEEDS: Prosforo and volunteers to help sponsor the PanOrthodox Lenten Vespers on Sun, Mar. 17