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2013-10-13 message

posted Oct 19, 2013, 7:36 PM by St. John's Webmaster

Love hopes all things. St. John Chrysostom, speaking of this says that love “does not despair […] of the beloved, but even though he be worthless, it continues to correct, to provide, to care for him.” Love, therefore, always hopes for the best in those whom we love. It is possible that the hopes we have for them as far as this life is concerned may not be fulfilled. Yet we hold on to these hopes out of love and, more importantly, we pray fervently that our ultimate hope be fulfilled.

Our ultimate hope, as Christians, for those whom we love is their salvation and when it comes to salvation, there is no end to hope. We have the example of St. Moses the Ethiopian whom we first encounter in his life story as a robber and a killer, someone unlikely to ever change his ways. Of course, we know that his encounter with Christianity, in particular in its monastic form, led to his complete transformation into a great saint.

There is even more to this hope and that is the hope of the robber crucified with Christ. His repentance and confession at the last moment gained him paradise. With these and many other reminders of the power of repentance and God’s love for us, we continue to hope all things and trust in the One who created all things.

With love in Christ,
+Fr. Peter