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From 06/20/10 Sunday Bulletin

posted Jun 26, 2010, 5:28 AM by FrCiprian Sas   [ updated Jun 26, 2010, 5:30 AM by St. John's Webmaster ]

·       HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the dads. Fellowship includes cake in their/our honor.

·       TODAY - The following persons need to speak with Fr. Ciprian during Fellowship to iron out details about the upcoming Sunday School Outing in July and Vacation Church School in August: Nicole, Lance, Maria McD., Michelle, Kyrsten, Jessica, Dorothea, Lynsey. The sign-up sheet for Vacation Church School is already available in the Church Hall.

·       SUMMER SERVICE HOURS – ORTHOS AT 8:00AM & DIVINE LITURGY AT 9:00AM. This popular request from among our parishioners is well-grounded as it will enable us to more easily keep the church cooler during the service (as our Summer days get hotter sooner), as well as allow everyone to enjoy more of the summer Sundays with family and friends. PLEASE NOTE: If all goes well (church attendance does not diminish because of this change), we intend to keep it this way through the end of August. This attempted change affects everyone, so feedback to Fr. Ciprian is welcome and encouraged.

·       APOSTLES’ FAST – May 31 to June 29 – The fast to Apostles Peter and Paul is not as strict (fish is allowed on most days) and ends on June 29. Fasting details about each day can be seen on our wall calendar or the Archdiocese website. Observe it as best as you can.

·       FELLOWSHIP – Mary Harker has offered to sponsor Fellowship next Sunday, but there are still openings. If you are not yet on the Fellowship schedule for this year, please consider sponsoring an upcoming open Sunday and sign your name on the schedule.

·       THE MESSENGER – Regina thanks all of you who have submitted your parts for the July-August Messenger and is feverishly working to wrap it up and send to the printers within the next couple of days. If you still have not submitted your part that should be in the newsletter, please speak with her during fellowship about doing so now. The submissions email address is stj.new@gmail.com.

·       SENIORS’ EVENT – Mon, June 21 (noon-2:00pm) - Nadina Geistkemper will have a presentation about Romania which will include the display of Romanian artifacts, pictures, videos, etc. Our special guest Vasile Gavriloaia is a WW2 veteran and prisoner of war from Romania who ended up in Victor, Iowa after WW2. Bring your own Brown Bag Lunch - Romanian dessert will be provided. Some seniors from St. George might join us as well.

·       LIFE LESSONS FROM SUNDAY GOSPEL READINGS – Every Tuesday at 5:30pm.

·       GREEK DANCING AND CONVERSATIONAL GREEK – WEDNESDAYS at 5:30pm - This 90 minute class will teach you common Greek phrases and Greek Dancing. We are meeting EVERY WEDNESDAY (June 9, 2010 to July 28, 2010) at 5:30pm-7pm.

·       GREAT VESPERS & ALTAR BOY TRAINING – Every Saturday at 5:30pm.

·       JOY EVENT – Full Moon Hike at Wikiup Center in Toddville- Sat, June 26 (8:00pm-9:00pm) - Please arrive at the Wickiup Center, a premier teaching facility of Linn County Park system located at 10260 Morris Hills Road, Toddville, IA before 8:00pm, when the county park staff will guide us as we explore the trails, learn how to “see” in the dark, and hunt for owls and other nocturnal creatures. There might even be some owl calling. Children must be accompanied by at least one adult. Cost: $2.50/ adult, $1/child 16 and under or $5/family. All details and directions may be found on our website.

·       Sunday, June 27 - SUMMER HOURS - Orthros at 8:00am; Divine Liturgy at 9:00am; Fellowship at about 10:15am (Mary Harker).