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From 05/30/10 Sunday Bulletin

posted May 30, 2010, 11:38 AM by FrCiprian Sas
·    TODAY – 40-day Memorial Service for Mircea Popescu. May his memory be eternal and his soul rest in peace among the saints.
·    TOMORROW – May 31st – MEMORIAL DAY – 10:00am Trisagion Service with the Blessing of Graves at our Cemetery – Murdock Linnwood (520 Wilson Ave S.E.)
·    TOMORROW – May 31st – APOSTLES’ FAST BEGINS – Fish is allowed on most days. Please observe the wall calendar for more details.
·    GREEK SCHOOL – THIS Wednesday, June 2 – Children's Classes (LEVEL 1&2) at 4:30pm; Adult Class at 5:30pm. Children's LEVEL 2 Class and the The Beginner’s Level Adult Class will end on June 2. The Children's Level 1 class will go through much of the summer. The Greek Summer School starts on Wed, June 9th at 5:30pm.
·    HOPE & JOY Joint Event – Sat, June 5 at 11:00am at the Wright’s residence (3198 75th Street, Norway, IA) – We will be having some outdoor fun which includes a bonfire when we will appropriately dispose (burn) some church items (dried up blessed palm branches, etc.). Child(ren) must be accompanied by at least one adult. Joe and Nicky have offered to provide the food, but please RSVP with Elleni Huerter by Tuesday, so that we have an accurate head count. You can choose to arrive there on your own or meet Fr. Ciprian at 10:30am in the parking lot of Starbuck/Verizon Wireless on the North-West Corner of the intersection of Williams Blvd. & Edgewood Road.
·    GREAT VESPERS & ALTAR BOY TRAINING – Every Saturday at 5:30pm.
·    CATECHISM – If anyone is interested in learning more about the Orthodox Faith, speak with Fr. Ciprian about joining the group who is presently meeting for Catechism weekly.
·    GREEK SUMMER SCHOOL - "Conversational Greek and Greek Dancing" – This 90 minute class will teach you common Greek phrases and Greek Dancing. We will meet EVERY WEDNESDAY (June 9, 2010 to July 28, 2010) from 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. The cost of the children's book is $13.95 not $14.00 and the adult book is $16.95 not $16.00. If interested, sign your name on the bulletin board or talk to one of the Greek School Staff.
·    SPRING GRECIAN DINNER – SUN, MAY 2, 2010 – Thank you to all who helped at the Spring Grecian Dinner, especially those who signed up in advance. We had a very successful dinner with over 730 meals served. If you haven’t already done so, please return all income from ticket sales and all left over tickets as soon as possible.
·    EASTER FLOWER DONATIONS – The sign-up sheet for the Easter Flower donations is posted on the bulletin board as a reminder to all who haven’t submitted the payment yet. Please check and see if your name is highlighted; if you need to, you can speak to Michael.
·    ANNA TSARDOULIAS has found a way to finance her education, and perhaps even her life as a writer, as a sales associate doing demonstrations of high-end, lifetime warranty, amazing cutlery with an ethical company. Simply doing the 45 minute presentation in your home will be helpful to her and there is no pressure to buy. If you are at all interested, please use the sign-up sheet in on the bulletin board, speak with her during fellowship, or call her cell at 402-321-9290.
·    SUMMER SERVICE HOURS – The popular demand from our parishioners is that we do our Sunday morning services one hour earlier (ORTHOS AT 8:00AM & DIVINE LITURGY AT 9:00AM). This would enable us to more easily keep the church cooler during the service (as our Summer days get hotter sooner), as well as allow everyone to enjoy more of the summer Sundays with family and friends. PLEASE NOTE: We will give this change a try starting SUNDAY, JUNE 13 (NOT June 6) so there is ample notice.
·    NEXT SUNDAY – Memorial Service for George Tzortzoudakis and LUNCH by Canas.